I love photography.

I love babies.

I try to put those two things together as much as I possibly can.

I've often thought about what my "style" is and I honestly can't narrow it to 'light and airy' or 'moody' or etc as other photographers are able. Many days I beat myself up for not finding this specific niche. But during shoots I try to connect with your child to get their true smile to come through. Sometimes that means the photos turn out light and airy - others they are more bright and colorful. I don't get a uniform vibe with every photoshoot. But I do consistently find that at the end of each session I've captured the true emotions of the child. And THAT is what I find I'm most proud of.



“Laurel always makes us feel so comfortable during a session, we simply love getting our family photos done each year with her. Its not easy to get three little boys to cooperate, but she always manages to get the sweetest images!”


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